5 Reasons To Visit A Canadian Sugar Shack This Spring

Western Canada is gifted with the magnificent mountain ranges and the most popular ski destinations but luckily Eastern Canada wins the goose when it comes to the family-owned cabane à sucre and maple shacks. The popular shacks across Ontario till Nova Scotia producing the finest maple syrups along with a plethora of delicacies have successfully won million hearts over the years. Some of them carry hundreds of years of legacy of their ancestors and according to many elderly patrons of these shacks- the taste of the foods haven’t changed in all these years.

Here are some reasons for visiting a Canadian Sugar Shack this spring—

Spring is the Sugar-off season

Though Christmas is the most popular season for visiting the Canadian sugar shacks you’ll be totally thrilled to witness the outstanding spring at the green farms with horses, other farm animals etc. This is the sugar-off season when they produce the maple syrups. Don’t forget to grab your bottle along with enjoying the mouth-smacking farm—fresh gourmets they offer.

Great discounts on Tasty food

You too can make your forthcoming spring special if you plan to pay a visit to one of the most celebrated farms producing the maple syrups and fine delicacies for more than a hundred year. Along with offering special discounts on the traditional farm food platters and desserts with maple taffy with frozen blueberries or ice-creams and more- they arrange events throughout the season.

A touch of tradition

You must bring your family and kids to the sugar shacks to make them experience how farm life is all about. Most importantly, these farms are run by families and they are always looking forward to maintaining the traditional attire the places have always had.  The environment created in the logged restaurants is simply enthralling. Enjoy the traditional beer in the evening while enjoying the musical programs they arrange for the guests while the children can play in the meadows.


Usually, the farms charge nominal rates for their products. You can buy a plethora of freshly made food along with maple syrups that you can store for quite some time and use it while having your favorite pancakes for breakfast at quite a pocket-friendly price.


Exploring the sugar shacks is a great experience. It’s a great way to enjoy the spectacular beauty of spring at the far-stretched lands at Eastern Canada.

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