A Guide to Trans-Siberian Railway for Beginners

What is Trans-Siberian Railway?

It is simply just a part of the elephantine Russian railway network, carrying passengers and freight securely at pocket-friendly rates. It joins the European rail network at one end with either Vladivostok or the Chinese rail network at the other end. Below is the trans-Siberian destination guide to understanding how it works. You can use it if you want to visit London, Paris or anywhere in Europe and China, Japan, Korea and/or Southeast Asia.

There are 3 routes of trans-Siberian trains.

  1. Moscow to Vladivostok
  2. Two routes to China
  3. Moscow to Beijing via Mongolia
  4. Moscow to Beijing via Manchuria

Planning the trip

  • No matter if it is Eastbound or Westbound, Trans-Siberian is completely safe for everyone.
  • It is perfect to travel in any weather whatsoever.
  • The tickets are easily available.
  • These routes don’t arrive at Vladivostok only. It also travels to London, Paris or anywhere in Europe and China, Japan, Korea and/or Southeast Asia. So plan at first, your route and your destination
  • It is quite understandable that one cannot travel for 7 days in a train while traveling to Vladivostok. But you cannot just simply stop off anywhere. The tickets are specially reserved for every passenger in the train. If you want to get off somewhere, you can plan your route accordingly.

Booking the trip

  • Purchase your trans-Siberian railway ticket: First things first. You have to buy a ticket with your specific route. You can either buy through an agent or directly whichever way suits you.
  • Book connecting trains, flights, and ferries: You need to book the tickets to onward trains with China the Beijing-Hanoi (Vietnam) train, a China-Japan ferry, the Vladivostok-Japan ferry or a ferry to South Korea. You can also book tickets for a connecting flight just in case.
  • Book your hotels: You can find numerous apps to book a hotel in Moscow, Beijing, Vladivostok or in cities along the way. Or you can contact your travel agent.
  • Arrange your visas: Once your tickets to trans-Siberian railway are booked, it’s time you need to arrange your visas. Also keep in mind that you can only get visas within 3 months of travel. For more information on visas, contact your agent.
  • Book your train from London to Moscow: Do not fly to Moscow, instead book a train. It will cut your costs by huge heaps and your budget will thank you for it.

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