First Trip To Puglia? Follow This Easy Guide!

Italy is probably on every traveler’s wish list, but if you are willing to explore beyond the glitz and glamour of Milan, Venice and Florence, consider Puglia as your next stop. Puglia offers the true beauty of Italian countryside, known for its incredible beaches, cultural influences and unparalleled architecture. People here like the slow pace of life, and they are always a step ahead when it comes to mingling with strangers. This is also where you can spend on luxury, but it doesn’t have to be as expensive. Think of private pool and concierge at one of the better stays. Here are some more tips on how to enjoy better in Puglia.

Don’t miss the basics

Puglia has access to over 800 kilometers of coastline, so you can expect to find endless stunning beaches, covers, and swimming caves, where locals spend hours in the day beyond their regular schedule. You also need to check Trulli in Alberobello, and yes, there is an old fortress in Lucera, which must be appreciated for its beauty. Otranto is also a good option to explore, while the Baroque churches are equally famed. In Lecce, Basilica di Santa Croce is a historic church. If you have the time, which you will in Puglia, do make time for Museo Nazionale Archeologico di Taranto, especially for the love of art.

When to go?

Puglia gets as many as 300 sunny days all through the year, so there is no denying that temperatures can soar here in no time. Summer time is still the best, which is usually between April and September. During this period, you will also find many local events and food festivals. If you want to save money, the winters are better, especially the months between October and March, but remember that chilling on the beaches or enjoying a swim might not be a good idea.

What to eat?

Much like other parts of Italy, Puglia is known for its food, and apricots and olives are the most popular things to buy here. The local food here is all everything Italian, from the pastas and pizzas to seafood and more. Make sure that you try the fresh breads and the seafood options, which can be really diverse and homemade to perfection.

Finally, keep all tasks at bay. You don’t do much in Puglia, except for lazing on the beach and enjoying the narrow streets and awesome food.

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