Getting Snowmobile and Planning a Trip Needs Careful Preparation

Are you planning for a trip, there is a need for careful preparation as with snowmobiling care must be taken. You can check the local ice conditions and weather forecasts prior to heading out. This is because it always changes in a few hours. You may avoid traveling on the unmarked rivers and frozen lakes. Ensure you inform you are traveling to someone and the time you will be returning home. Bear in mind to avoid driving your snowmobile alone and ride according to the conditions and within your abilities.

You may take a first-aid kit, a drive belt, an extra ignition key, a vehicle repair kit, a rope and a spark plug or plugs. On the long trips it is best to include a compass and a map, a hatchet, hunting knife, flashlight, matches, extra fuel, and granola bars that are high-energy food. In case you travel over the frozen rivers and lakes, remember to wear a buoyant snowmobile suit, cote à cote usage, and also to carry ice picks so that the survival chances are more even in case you happened to break through the ice.

You may drive your snowmobile on your property once it is registered or go on the organizations private trails to that you belong, if you have the permission of the owner or visit in permitted conservation areas and public parks.

Snowmobiles are allowed on public highways and in particular circumstances. The snowmobiles also operate on some highways that are the non-serviced portion. Local municipalities have the right to pass bylaws governing the snowmobiles use on highways under their authority. You are not allowed to drive a snow-mobile on freeways and high-speed roads.

You may drive the snowmobile along the public roads such that you keep away from the road between the fence line and the shoulder. Local municipalities that prohibit or regulate snowmobiles within off or on public roads, within their boundaries, ensure you are aware of the municipality bylaws in the place you intend to snowmobile.  Remember you cannot drive on railway tracks as you need to avail railway track authority permission.

Driving on private property your snowmobile is trespassing and it may be seen as trespassing. If so, you must stop and identify or ask the police if the property owner or the representative for permission. In case they deny, you must leave the property immediately, else you may have to pay find up to $2000 for trespassing.

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