Reasons you Should Include Chiang Mai in your Bucket List

Chiang Mai is in the northern part of Thailand that has been called the Rose of the North. The city boasts magnificent natural wonders, rich history and culture as well as amazing architecture. This ancient city has more to offer than many of the tourist destinations in the world. If you haven’t travelled to Chiang Mai yet, here are the reasons you should: 

Witness Wonderful Landscapes

Chiang Mai is rich in nature. It is situated deep within a lush rainforest that exists alongside amazing waterfalls, rich ecosystem, and exotic animals. Visitors here can venture out of the city and into the rural countryside to be united with Mother Nature. This is where they cannot stop admiring Northern Thailand’s lovely backdrop.

 Explore History

The city of Chiang Mai is walled to preserve its history. Although some of the walls have been damaged over the years, the moat that surrounds the wall is still intact. Also, the city is situated on the Ping River, making it a historically significant location for commerce and trade.

Experience Great Trips on the Cheap

Although the southern part of Thailand can be expensive because of the effect of tourism on the region, Chiang Mai boasts a low cost of living. This is the reason a lot of expats decide to make the city their home. A traveller’s baht can certainly go further in the city than most other locations in the country.

 Try Out Sumptuous Thai Food

One of the best aspects of Chiang Mai is their food. Everybody needs to eat so it only makes sense to do it right. Thai food has been proven to deliver delicious exotic dish in ways tourists might not experience elsewhere. It is perfect for those who love spicy food.

 Enjoy a Unique Shopping Experience

Every country has something to offer to tourists in terms of local items and Thailand is no exception. If you are looking for a great bargain on local items, go to the Night Bazaar. There will be stalls filling the market that sells everything from textiles, souvenirs, food, and other items.

 Experience Extraordinary Accommodations

Chiang Mai offers a variety of accommodation options for visitors. Depending on your preference, you can book one of the best Chiang Mai boutique hotels and luxury resorts or choose to live in villas. The best hotel to pick is one that puts you closer to your planned tours and adventures.

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