Top Destinations Between Salt Lake City and San Francisco

If you’re driving from Utah to California for a special occasion or simply because, you may be hoping to plan some great stops as you travel along in a motorhome rental. What a great idea There are several beautiful destinations from Salt Lake City to San Francisco.

While it isn’t an extremely long trip, you’ll want to take breaks from driving your motorhome rental. What better way to do just that than to plan your stops around some of the best destinations in between Salt Lake City and San Francisco? After all, everybody needs their bathroom stops but you’ll see that these quick potty runs should actually be a few days long.

To help you decide on the best stops for your trip, here are our favorite places that we think you’ll love as well. You’re certainly in luck because this area of the country is full of some of the nation’s most iconic spots, and you’ll see what we’re talking about as you read on. Check them out:

  • Visit the Great Salt Lake. You may not know this but Salt Lake City is actually named after Great Salt Lake. So, when you’re leaving Salt Lake City to go to SF, you’ll want to make this great lake your first stop. This large salt lake is incredible to see, with islands and beautiful mountains surrounding it. There you will find amazing wildlife, fun lake activities to be had, and even an amusement park if you’re traveling with the kids. The sunsets here are amazing and so “Instagrammable,” so if you’re the type to post your trips on social media, this is a great stop for you to be able to capture some incredible photographs.
  • Check out the Bonneville Salt Flats. Going on with the theme of salt, the Bonneville Salt Flats are fascinating to visit. You wouldn’t call it the typical beauty of a rich, lush forest in Colorado, but still the flat land that was once home to a lake is quite impressive. It’s a destination that draws adventurers who like to race their vehicles on their flats or for those who want a chance for a “photo shoot” in an extremely unique location. If you want to capture the most incredible photograph ever, visit during sunset or sunrise for a fascinating shot that will get you all the likes that you could want. An interesting thing that happens is that when there is rainfall, because the land is so hard, the water puddles into what appears to be a lake—except you’ll be able to walk “on water” when this happens.
  • Stop in Reno. As you pass through Nevada, you may consider the idea of going to Las Vegas, but it’s a bit out of your way. Plus, you should make that a stop for another time when you have more time. Instead, stop in Reno. Reno is a gorgeous city set against the iconic landscapes found in Nevada. While it isn’t Las Vegas, there is still plenty of fun to be had for those who like nightlife and great restaurants to visit for foodies who love to try everything along the way during their road trips.
  • Stay a day or two in Tahoe. Before you reach San Francisco, you’ll have the opportunity to stop in Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is a beautiful playground for those who live in the area. The large lake is great for those who love water activities while the forests are ideal for those who love hiking with views. You can also ski in the area in the winter, so whether you’re traveling during the summer or winter, there is always some type of fun to be had. Whether you spend a night or two or just pass on through, you must make Lake Tahoe a destination on your way from Salt Lake City to San Francisco.

In Conclusion

How lucky you are if you if you’re traveling from Salt Lake City to San Francisco, because this is truly one of the most gorgeous areas in the country. It’s full of iconic destinations that many people are dying to see.

So, whether you choose to see it all or only a few, you can be sure that your road trip will bring you through some of the best locations around. From having some family fun in Reno to exploring the great outdoors in Lake Tahoe, this is the road trip that traveling dreams are made of.

Pack up your motorhome rental and explore the beauty of this region. You’re not going to be disappointed. Make sure to bring a good camera, because one thing is certain: you’ll be visiting very unique places that are full of amazing beauty and you’re going to want to capture it.

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